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Reviewed By:

Barbara Fanson

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5 Stars 

Reviewed By Barbara Fanson for Readers’ Favorite

Bonjour! Let’s Learn French is an English language children’s story that introduces French words and terms. It’s a wonderful way for English-speaking children to be exposed to French words. At the back of the book, there are exercises so children can practice their new words. Author and illustrator Judy Martialay has created an excellent story and workbook to practice your new French words. She has even created a skit so students or friends can act out a play in French! You can also sing the song “Ah! Mon beau château !” Bonjour! Let’s Learn French also provides instructions on how to create impressionistic artwork with crayons. At the end of the book, a review summarizes all the French words introduced in the book. The book also shows how to type French … notice there is a space before an exclamation mark in French sentences, like this ! But no space before exclamation marks in English sentences!

Beautiful, colorful illustrations adorn the pages of this children’s picture book aimed at grades 3 to 6. I especially like the four small illustrations on a page—great technique—it’s not done very often! Author Judy Martialay has also drawn all the colorful illustrations for the picture book and all the exercises. Bonjour! Let’s Learn French is a complete book with story, pictures, a song, skit, drawing lesson, and a summary for learning French. A must-have book for home and school. But wait, there’s more: an audio version of the book is also available! This is a complete book for teachers with exercises and multiple medium practice.