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Here’s a dish from Nice, a town on the French Mediterranean coast. It’s perfect for the summer and easy to make. Kids can help with the preparation. Taylor the ingredients to your family’s taste. Amount of ingredients below vary with the number of eaters.



Can of tuna fish

Black olives, preferably the Mediterranean type


Green pepper

Bermuda (red) onion

Hard boiled eggs

String beans

(tomatoes) (potatoes)

Trim and cook the stringbeans. Hard boil and peel the eggs. Slice in quarters.

Slice the green pepper and Bermuda onion and place in the salad bowl or big plater. Separate the tuna with a fork and add to the bowl. Place the eggs around the tuna. Place the tomatoes if using. Add the olives and anchovies. Season with olive oil, mix and serve.

This is a great opportunity to practice  your French.

Salade Niçoise  is pronounced “Sah lahd nee swahz”. Sorry I couldn’t find a decent pronunciation link on the internet.

Click here for the pronunciation of  Bon appétit !

This is a nice time to use some expressions from Bonjour! Let’s Learn French:

C’est facile ! 

C’est délicieux !

J’adore !