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Impressionist painting

It’s hard finding the time to write a blog while I’m busy promoting my book, looking for reviewers (if you know any who would like to review ¡HOLA! Let’s Learn Spanish, please send them my way), and learning more about marketing for dummies, such as moi.

I’ve begun work on the next book, Bonjour! Let’s Learn French. Full disclosure: it’s already written, but I’ve dillied and dallied for so long, that I need to look it over and refresh it.

The first part that I need to do over is the “craft”: how to do an impressionist picture…with crayons. I had written it already using watercolors, but I think that crayon will be easier for children. I’ve been drawing a beach scene over and over and over! I want to get it picture perfect for the book. I keep making mistakes. I’ve been doing oil paintings for over 20 years, and it’s easy to correct oil paintings.  With crayon (and water color) you can’t correct, unless you buy erasable crayons.  Check it out yourself! So, I keep doing the same scene…it is getting better, though.

Still, crayon is easier, and all kids have them, don’t they? Anyway, I’d love to do a video, impressionist painting is my thing, and hope to put it on the website for the book.